Becoming Catholic?
The Beginner's Guide To a
Life of Faith

Are you thinking of becoming Catholic? Have a lot of questions?

I know just how you feel: I was in the same situation about 10 years ago!

If you want some first-hand experience about how to...

  • Focus on what's important
  • Be serious about converting to Christ
  • Learn what "next steps" to take
  • Get helpful guidance that addresses your real needs
  • Find solid & reliable information

...then is for you!

My name is Mike Stapp, I live near Boston, and I'm a fairly recent Catholic. After a long process of inquiry & conversion, I entered the Church in 1999. Now I'm what's called a catechist—I teach the Catholic faith.

The #1 starting point for beginning and life-long Catholics

Not even sure what questions to ask?

✅  We've got lots of common questions & answers

Want to finally understand the Eucharist?

✅  Clear, professional articles give you expert understanding

Need to know what the Catholic Church really teaches about sex?

✅  Lots of readable, accurate information at your fingertips

Everything here at is meant for you, whether you're:

  • Just thinking about the Church and Christianity
  • An RCIA inquirer or catechumen
  • Already a Catholic and you want to deepen your faith

Skip the clutter—discover the treasures of the Catholic Church

The Catholic Church has a ton of great ways to help you grow closer to Christ. (That's why it exists!) But the Church is like an enormous library: The answers you need can be hard to find.

The bottom line: I'll help you get that information!

I'll make sure it's faithful information, too. The articles here contain solid references & other sources to help you check things out for yourself. I understand the importance of orthodox teaching, and this Web site operates under a pledge of fidelity.

So dig into this getting started guide to the Catholic Christian faith. Here are some articles to help you make a strong start in the Faith....

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Starting in the Faith: Catholic RCIA Stages
How to make a strong start in the Catholic faith. Detailed, Christ-centered guidance on faith development. Matches Catholic RCIA stages.
Common Catholic Questions
Have Catholic questions? Detailed, Scripture-based questions and answers about the Roman Catholic Church and Catholicism.
Basic Tenets of Catholicism
What are the basic tenets of Catholicism? A quick and simple guide to the beliefs of the Roman Catholic Church.
Beginning Catholic Bible Study
A spiritual Catholic Bible study guide. Reading the Bible is KEY to the spiritual life. Unlock its treasures!
A Treasury of Catholic Prayers
Trying to find Catholic prayers? Here's a collection of outstanding classics, plus sound guidance on how to pray!
Catholic Morality: A Primer
The essentials of Catholic morality in plain English. All the basics, the Ten Commandments, and an examination of conscience.
Catholic Sacraments: A Primer
The Catholic Sacraments are vehicles of grace created by Christ himself. The sacraments are a major part of a living faith!
Learning How to Pray: Catholic Prayer
Searching for how to pray? A clear guide to developing that rich prayer life you're longing for!
The Catholic Spiritual Treasures Program
Now these Catholic spiritual treasures are available online! Our unique program gives you access to these essential guides for understanding the Catholic faith.
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